ABOUT ME – Becky McClure


My name is Becky McClure, I am kenyan by birth and also an Australian citizen. Being the eldest of six children, I was required to look after my brothers and sisters. I had to set a good example to my siblings. My mum was very strict and I had to do what she said. We were average family . My dad was the only one working. He worked long hours to look after us. My mum was a nurse by profession but after having me and my brother she become a stay at home mum. In 1998, we had civil unrest and my dad lost his job due to investors leaving the country. Most days we ended up without food. It was a really tough time. Money was scarce.  We never had any protein, all we ate was beans and some very bitter vegetables. Sometimes we had tea with bread for dinner. 

I went to a boarding school for 4 years. It was the best time of my life and I  really loved it. After my high school I enrolled to become a certified public accountant. This is what my parents wanted me to do. I hated my job. I worked at a casino for so many years. To say I was miserable is un understatement. My italian American boss was a nightmare. He would curse and yell all the time. Whenever he walked in, everyone was in panic mode. You never knew who was going to be fired that day. I worked there for  15 years. I know, getting a job in Kenya is so hard. You have to put up with so many nasty bosses so you can feed your family. 

My sister introduced me to the world of online dating in 2008 and the first man I spoke to became my husband. I moved to Australia to be with him. Loved it here so much that I stayed and got married.  We have two amazing and beautiful  kids. 

When I came to Australia in 2010, I found a job at a cash In Transit Company. I loved my job. When I had my daughter I realised I wanted to spend time with her. I had to go back to work after a year only to findout I was pregnant again with my son. This time I was sure I never wanted to go back to work. The pressure for me to return to work was so much that I had to quit.


I wanted to become my own boss. I knew it was the only way I can be with my kids. My family is back in Kenya. I am the only one here in Australia. Kenya is my home and I want to go back there every other year to visit my aging parents. So, I started looking for ways I could earn an income ONLINE.  

In 2017, I got a text message from a friend I had not heard from in almost 2 years. I didn't know what NWM was or anyone who did NWM. I went to this event because I was curious to see what is was. What I learnt about NWM got me so excited because I knew in my heart this is what I want to do. 

I wanted to share this opportunity with everyone around me. I found it the hard way, nobody was interested in my products OR opportunity.   I did home parties about our product and opportunity. The first time, a few people came. Afterwards no-one came. I call everyone like I was told to do and  drove for miles to a no show. It was so frustrating and discouraging. My husband (whom I love very much) TOLD everyone around us that his wife is involved in a "pyramid scheme". This was a blow to my guts.  I was so disappointed, lost and confused. But my tenacity to succeed kept me from quit. In 2 and half I have been in network marketing, I only sponsored 2 people both of whom went MIA (missing in action) soon after. I had a few people who loved the products and became my good customers. I needed to sponsor more people to have the life I wanted.

 I knew there was another way I could build this business. I wanted  a business that I could build 100% online. I wanted a business where people would come to me and ask me what I was doing. I also wanted to share value and educate network markerters on the power of social media..

That is when I saw this sponsored ad on Facebook . This ad spoke about not chasing family and friends, no more home parties and meetings. This was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted people to come to me and ask me about my business or products. This was a game for me, I became the hunted and not the hunter. I stopped sending annoying messages on social media,  prospecting my friends and family and no more home meetings or hotel no shows. 

 How can attraction marketing help you?

If you want to learn;

  •  How to become the hunted instead of the hunter.
  • Stop chasing family and friends with annoying text messages.
  • Learn the proper way of doing NWM
  • Stop sending copy paste messages to strangers

Then attraction marketing can help you achieve this. Like it has helped me. xx