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How To Build A Thriving Community On Social Media

Have you ever wondered how people build thriving Facebook groups? And, even more interesting, is how do the monetise these groups? This was one of the problems I had with my Facebook Group. It wasn't until someone shared these cool ways that I started seeing results. 

These are the 5 strategies to help you achieve an amazing community that people will love and engage with you. People buy from those the know, like and trust. I have just started using them and I am loving my group now. 

  • Who is your target market?

Finding your target market is really very important. They say, if you talk to everyone you talk to no one. Who is your ideal client? Find that one client and start speaking their language. Talk from the heart. Share ways you can help them achieve e.g. weight loss goals, create an email list. Whatever you want your group to be known for.

  • Get out of your comfort zone

We all have stories we tell ourselves that limit us from being our greatest self. Getting out of your comfort zone from time to time creates just enough good stress to ramp up your focus, creativity, pace, and drive, and it helps you respond to life stress when unexpected things happen. People are waiting for you to lead them.  If you are afraid of doing lives, then this is something that you need to start doing. People want to see you when you are vulnerable. It shows that you are human too.

  • Engage with your audience

To have a thriving Facebook group you need to create content that is engaging. Ask questions that are engaging. You can ask questions that makes the audience want to raise their hands and say, me. Do polls to ask what they would like to see more off.  Create amazing content. Have motivational days to motivate your audience.

  • Interact with your audience

People need to feel the belong, we are social animals. Take time to send private messages to your audience and ask them if they need help with anything. Reach out to them and thank them for being in your group.

  • Give more than you take

If you just promote your products all the time no one will engage with your post. You need to give value and show that you care. Once your audience know, like and trust you then they will start buying from you. 

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